Pixie (rans_curse) wrote,

Belated, but who cares?

Valentine's is a celebration of love, but not all loves are real. Take some time today to highlight your favorite fictional loves, to whit, your OTPs. The count doesn't matter, and you can tag as many or as few people as you like.

Tagged by the fabulous karose.

My favorite, eh? ...dear lord, woman, you ask a LOT.

10. Hamlet/Horatio. (Hamlet)
9. Ron/Draco. (Harry Potter)
8. Wolf/Jack. (The Talisman)
7. The Frog Prince/Iron Henry. (Short story collection)
6. Tamarissa/Vallant. (The Blending Series)*
5. Camera/Johnny Depp. (That was love, yo. Total love.)**
4. Rachel/Tobias. (Animorphs Shut up.)
3. Gojyo/Hakkai/Sanzo. (Saiyuki)***
2. Dee/Berkeley. (FAKE)****
1. Adult Chibi Trunks/Future Trunks. (DBZ/DBGT)*****

* = If anyone happens to have The Blending Enthroned: Destiny, I'll buy it from you. If you Know someone who has it, tell me. I must find this book. I am getting desperate.
** = Here, have a link. See the love for yourself.
*** = This is the fault of E=MC^2 and El Tango de Roxanne, lovely fanfictions by karose. (Specifically, lady, the part where Kanzeon explains that without Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo usually end up killing each other.)
**** = This is actually inspired by the manga itself, and not fanfiction. It's from that comment that Ryo makes, that Dee and Berkeley are so very much alike, and also from when Ryo says that he knew Dee could have been a good criminal.
***** = Gross, disgusting, whatever-- Hear me out. There was this piece of fanfiction. I read it.. Oh, hell, maybe five years ago. I have never found it again, but it was ACT/FT, and it was first-person perspective-- from both of them at once. It was the hottest piece of anything I have ever found in my life, both for the way it was written and what the subject matter was.

Whoever the hell wants it. oO
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