Pixie (rans_curse) wrote,

Things I Did This Weekend

Big bad shit, h'oh joy~

Went to New York on Sunday, saw Avenue Q, laughed my ass off partially at it and mostly at my mother's shocked horror. (I will NEVER look at muppets the same way again, I swear.)

Learned the origins of the 'For Porn!' song. Delighted in it.

Wandered Greenwich Villiage.

Learned that there is a Broadway musical called Lestat, based on the Anne Rice books. Nearly cried.

Returned home only to discover that the heater decided to go on strike, and that my house felt like the equivalent of the inside of an icecube. ...without the ice.


Discovered dust. Lots of dust.

Repairman due sometime today.

Finally made my mother understand that yes, my cousin really is that shallow and that selfish.

Found a listing of every single Kosher Restaurant in Manhattan, complete with what kind of Kosher, what symbol, phone number, and address.

Discovered that driving in Manhattan is really not all that bad.
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